Fedor Holz Documentary to Be Filmed at Poker Masters

Poker Masters, a new super high roller series, is coming to your screens on PokerGO with a new documentary on Fedor Holz being filmed alongside the main tournament footage.


What Makes Him Tick?

The documentary series will be in six parts of 15 to 20 minutes showing the German Wunderkind behind the scenes as he competes in the five Poker Masters events over six days with $300,000 on the line.

The show is aiming to give us mere mortals a glimpse into just what makes the very best players tick, and how they prepare for such a high-profile event. We can expect to see what kind of dietary and fitness preparations Holz makes, as well as interviews telling us how he is feeling during the events.

Speaking to PokerNews.com Holz said

"I'm excited about giving people an insight into a week packed with super high roller action, but more importantly my personal life and routine around it. I'm really looking forward to this intense week in Vegas!"

Now billed as the world’s best amateur, Holz only shows up for the biggest high-profile events after announcing his semi-retirement in 2016. With more than $23 million in live tournament winnings he can probably kick back and relax now, safely in the knowledge he’s unlikely to ever need to make any more money in his life.


High Rollers

In July 2017, during the streaming of the World Series of Poker, PokerGO announced their next major project. The Poker Masters, starting on September 13th, is four tournaments with a $50,000 buy-in plus a single re-buy, ending with a $100,000 freezeout tournament.

There’s no limit on the number of players allowed to enter, unlike Poker Central’s Super High Roller Bowl, but the half minute shot clock will be in effect along with the three one-minute long time banks allowed on each day of play.

Some of you will be happy to hear that as part of the “business casual” dress code, sunglasses and headphones will be banned.

The media buzz about this whole series is due to what has been described as the Aria Casino High Roller events being shown on TV. With super high buy-ins, and a field littered with star names, it’s no surprise that PokerGO was deemed the best place to show this format. Interestingly, Fedor Holz won back-to-back Super High Roller events at the Aria, and will no doubt be the man pegged as favourite before the show starts. This is a guy who won almost $1.2 million this summer with playing in a single WSOP event.

Sean McCormack, Aria’s director of poker operations told the media

“We have hosted a number of successful high-stakes tournaments at Aria and are looking forward to our upcoming Poker Masters event this fall. Poker Central has been a great partner over the years while leading the industry in the production of poker events worldwide.”


Purple Jacket

In what has been called a rip off of the PGA US Masters Golf tournament, where a green jacket is presented to the winner each year, a purple jacket will be awarded to the player who wins the highest combined total from all of the tournaments in the series. With monstrous prize pools expected in each of the tournaments it’s hard to see that anybody will care about such a token gift, but maybe the gimmick factor is simply seen as an effective marketing tool.

Jason Koon, a high-stakes regular, has just taken down the first $1 million + prize since the WSOP ended. He supported the idea of the purple jacket, and sounds super excited to be getting on with business as soon as possible.

“The Poker Masters is such an exciting concept. Some of the best players in the world will be spending a week battling in non-stop high roller events. It’s going to be intense, very draining and a hell of a lot of fun. I’ve always liked purple. Hopefully, I’ll be putting on the first jacket.”


Chicago Joey Has a New Show

Popular podcaster Joey Ingram has started his new weekly poker show on the Live at the Bike TwitchTV channel. The one-hour slot is still untitled as of yet but Ingram explained the format in a video he posted to social media.

“I need your HELP in naming my upcoming every Monday night show w/ @LIVEattheBike & I offer $99.27 + a chance to come on the show”

“We’ll be talking about what’s going on in poker, some strategy, interacting live with the chat, taking questions, answering some questions, maybe doing some call ins as well, and from time to time, having on some guests.”

Ryan Feldman, a former basketball researcher at ESPN and now producer at Live at the Bike, is a friend of Ingram who approached him earlier this year about a possible collaboration. Ingram liked the direction in which the company was heading, and thought the style of content was likely to be very popular. Let’s face it, after running his podcast as a one-man-band for so long it must have taken something special to tear him away from his comfort zone.

“I've been creating poker content for about 3.5 years now and I've rarely worked together with any poker related companies for a number of different reasons. I've always liked myself being associated with myself only as it gives me the most freedom to do, say, create what I want to create. I decided that I would gamble a bit in 2017 and be open to more collaborations if I felt like it was a good opportunity.”        

Major Wager is another project Ingram has decided to take a risk with too. The prop betting reality show fits in perfectly with his background as one of the most prolific prop bettors.

Earlier in 2017 he wrote and published a 40,000-word poker book in only 11 days in a $200 wager. Right now, he is training to be able to swim one mile in open water after putting up $5000 at 3 to 1 odds with Bill Perkins. At the time of taking the bet Ingram didn’t know how to swim at all, so this isn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination.