WPT on Tour in Florida and Amsterdam

The World Poker Tour has been busy during April with tournament series taking place in the US state of Florida and also in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Many of the bigger events were taken down by some familiar faces. Let’s take a look at who took home all the silver.


WPTDeepStacks Immokalee

Swedish pro Michael Tureniec has banked $143,324 after adding a WPTDeepStacks title to his long list of accomplishments. The 32-year-old has been around the block one or twice and this was his ninth six-figure score to go along with more than $4 million in live tournament winnings, as well as a WSOP gold bracelet and EPT title.

This event is a traditional build up to the WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown which runs the weekend after. After advertising a guarantee of $250,000 816 players turned up to create a prize pool close to $800,000, shocking even the most seasoned observers.

The final table was reached with the stacks still surprisingly deep. Tureniec was sat with 80 big blinds in front of him, and it was to be a late night for the final three. The clock went past 3am until they decided to call it until tomorrow.

Ryan Hughes was the first to go after 4-bet jamming AJ against Tureniec’s pocket kings, which held nicely. Scott Stewart relieved Hughes of his final 10 blinds, to reach the heads-up stage with a 2-1 chip disadvantage.

Straight away the pair got the chips in the middle with pocket nines against AJ. Tureniec’s AJ found an ace high flop and it was all over.

Talking to the reporters afterwards Tureniec said

"It feels amazing. It was a very big tournament with a lot of runners and a very tough final table, so it feels really good to get the win.”


WPT Seminole Hard Rock - $25,000 High Roller

Brandon Adams is on a bit of a roll. During autumn last year he took down one of the inaugural Poker Masters events against top class opposition, including many of the world’s best players. The month after he was invited onto Poker Night in America for the legendary King of the Hill heads-up winner-takes-all tournament but only made third place.

Adams was up against 39 other players in the $25,000 High Roller event and calmly picked them off one by one to add another victory to his name as well as the $370,000 first place prize, taking him past $3 million in winnings.

The field was full of star names, such as Ari Engel, Olivier Busquest, and Shaun Deeb, but once we got down to the final six places for the prize money Deeb was the only household name remaining.

Deeb gave the rail something to shout about after jamming pocket sixes blind versus blind. Adams calls the 14-blind shove with A2s and flops trips to seemingly wrap it all up. The turn, though, comes a six giving Deeb a boat; now it is surely all over. The river is the case deuce, sending the chips all in Adams’ direction and Deeb towards the door.

Adams then went on the rampage sending player after player home until he was heads-up with Pablo Fernandez with a 3-1 chip advantage.

That soon became 10-1 after Adams made two pair and got paid on every street. Fernandez only doubled up once before it was finally curtains and the Spaniard was fresh out of luck.

Adams was courteous in victory as he was well aware of how well he had run throughout the event.

"I’ve never really had a tournament where things went this smoothly from the beginning. It feels good to run that unbelievably well.”


WPT Seminole Hard Rock - Main Event

The main event was won by the UK’s Scott Margereson who scooped almost $700,000 for his first cash since the World Series of Poker in 2017. Margereson is predominantly an online player, even though he now has more than $1.2 million in live tournament winnings now. In the online arena he has amassed more than $4 million in prize money.

In this event he lined up against another 1,308 participants to fight over a $4,188,800 prize pool that would be shared out over the top 164 finishers.

The final table would be a six-handed affair, and Jeff Fielder was the first player to leave, albeit with a $144,775 cash prize to soften the blow. It took a surprising couple of hours after play started for this to happen, but then the floodgates were opened.

Faraz Jaka soon sent Matt Stout to the exit. Stout opens pockets tens UTG and Jaka 3-bets his pocket queens. Stout sees no reason why he shouldn’t jam what rates to be the best hand and is snap called. Once a queen comes on the flop it is all over.

Joey Couden was next, and he was quickly followed by semi-retired high-stakes pro Brian Hastings. Hastings came a cropper with top pair against Margereson’s rivered flush.

With a 3-1 chip advantage Jaka didn’t stand much of a chance heads-up and Margereson was soon crowned as the champion.


WPT Amsterdam

Rens Feenstra was the main event victor in his home country. The long-time pro denied second-placed Ema Zajmovic her second WPT title with fierce play to take his live tournament winnings past the $1 million mark.

The field was short at only 207 entries, but the first-place prize was still close to $200,000.

The €6,000 high roller was won by Sam Greenwood, also a winner in this year’s Aussie Millions. The Canadian added another $155,669 to his $11 million + total and is possibly the most feared player around the live tournament scene right now.

Other notable names in this event were Ryan Riess the 2013 WSOP Main Event champion, and Rainer Kempe, a German superstar with more than $15 million in live tournament winnings.


The World Poker Tour brand is still going strongly after all these years and provides events that the world’s best players are proud to win.