Playing William Hills Poker Room is an awesome experience !

The company of William Hill was originally founded in 1934 as a betting shop/ bookmaker at a time when gambling was illegal in Britain. Fast forward to today and its ownership has changed hands multiple times. However, the company has established itself as a prominent leader in sport betting online and it has also grown to include the likes of online poker in its offerings.


Currently, William Hill Poker is part of the iPoker Network and is host to €5 million in guaranteed tournaments every month.


The Poker Client


The downloadable version of William Hill Poker is only available for PC. However, in recent years, this poker site has also added an “Instant Play” feature (that can be accessed through your Internet browser). This feature can allow Mac users the opportunity to play, as well.


The client itself is constantly advertising its other casino games and gambling ventures. But even with those distractions present, it’s relatively straightforward to navigate through the poker part of the client to find the game you want to play.


You’ll find many of the weaker players (i.e. from the sports betting world) frequenting the cash games on William Hill. This is due to a lower frequency of scheduled tournaments available as well as other sites having more prominent tournament schedules for the fish to choose from.




  • First Deposit Bonus: William Hill Poker has been leading the way for some time now when it comes to first deposit bonus money. It offers 100% up to £1,200 / €1,500 / $2,000. While the play-through requirements might be something to take note of while releasing each increment, it goes without saying that this can be a very lucrative deal, if you play your cards right. With this first deposit offer, you also get a $10 casino bonus, entry into “New Depositors Gift Palooza Freeroll” and 100 club points.


  • Tiered Players Club: William Hill Poker offers a tiered Players Club, as a way to reward its players with frequent play. During gameplay, players earn two types of points – one which determines their VIP tier (there are 7) and the other which functions as currency in William Hill Poker’s “The Shop” – a place where players can buy cash, tournament tickets, or juicy live packages. The higher up a player is in the VIP tier system, the higher their multiplier for the number of points they earn through regular gameplay.


  • Player Base: William Hill is much more than just a poker website. Its main focus is to cater to individuals looking for an outlet for sports betting. It also features some online casino games. And, a lot of the poker player base will be soft, because it consists of mainly sports bettors who are dabbling in a bit of poker.


  • Clean Playing Interface: With preferred seating available on a nice clean, simplistic table display, playing multiple tables (i.e. 4 to 6 of them) at once doesn’t get too “clunky” at all.


  • Great Deposit / Withdrawal Processing: William Hill offers a wide array of options (from e-Wallets to credit cards) and also processes its cashouts very quickly – usually within 1-3 business days.




  • Euro is the Main Currency: While this is a nice advantage to European players, it may take a bit of getting used to. For example, all of the tournament guarantees and buy-ins are listed in Euros.


  • Rebuys/Add-ons: Unfortunately, not all of the juicy guarantees are marked up as great as they originally sound. Many of them are going to be rebuy/add-on tournaments, which means you’re likely to spend at least 2x (if not 3x or more) the marked buy-in if you want to make a deep run for it. That said, there are a decent amount of freezeout guarantees that feature 100+ players.


  • Distractions from Poker: For players who get easily side-tracked and distracted by other gambling offers, such as casino games and sports betting, William Hill may not be the best place to play poker. It's very easy to use your poker bankroll to gamble in the multitude of other sections readily available on the site.


  • Limited Promotions: William Hill’s main focus is on its sports betting availabilities and options. Because it’s not predominantly a poker website, you're not going to have many (if any) promotions strictly for poker players. Likely one of the reasons for such a large welcome bonus is to ultimately entice players into the sports betting and casino games side of their business. That said, the loyalty program for regular grinders is sufficient for what the average poker player would be looking for.


  • No Time Bank: Unlike some other poker sites, William Hill doesn’t offer a time bank option that you can use to take more time for a decision in a hand. Normally, you’ll have 20-30 seconds per street to make your move with no additional time available.


  • Multi-Tabling: Minor delays crop up with each action whenever you load about 7-8 tables or more. This might be a problem for the grinders who like playing at loads of tables at once, but it shouldn’t be anything to worry about for the more recreational players.


Special Games


  • Speed Poker: This is William Hill’s own format of “quick fold” cash game poker. These can be found in both Hold’em and Omaha formats.


  • Twister Sit-N-Go’s: These single-table tournaments are played in a 3-max, turbo, winner-take-all format. With prize pools that can range from double your buy-in all the way up to 1000 times your buy-in, it’s heaps of fun to see how much money you can win in this poker format!


  • Jackpot Sit-N-Go’s: These ever-increasing jackpots can be won if a player takes down a certain number of Sit & Go’s in a row with the same buy-in (usually either 5 or 6). There are 3 different jackpots that can be won, each associated with a different buy-in level: €40, €20, and €5. Keep in mind that the rake for these SNGs is slightly higher than normal in order to help keep feeding the jackpot.




At this time, William Hill Poker does not have any player ambassadors or signed pros.


Major Tournaments


  • Big Sunday: €75 buy-in / €75k GTD / 12-minute levels / 10,000 starting stack / Late registration for 2.5 hours / Weekly / Up to 4 Entries Available


  • Grand Sunday: €30 buy-in / €25k GTD / 12-minute levels / 5,000 starting stack / Late registration for 2 hours / Weekly


  • Sunday Masters: €150 / €30k GTD / 15-minute levels / 5,000 starting stack / Late registration for 3 hours / Weekly


  • Sunday Warm-Up: €50 / €25k GTD / 12-minute levels / 5,000 starting stack / Late registration for 2 hours / Weekly


  • Echo: €10 buy-in / €5,000 GTD / 10-minute levels / 2,000 starting stack / Late registration for 1 hour / Daily / Unlimited Rebuys, 1 x 3,000 chip add-on


The Final Word


William Hill Poker isn’t going to have the greatest tournament schedule or the biggest guarantees. But, it is going to have a good amount of recreational players who mainly like the sports betting capabilities that the site offers.


The cash games are a good option for grinders with HUD availability, preferred seating, and good standard back-end gameplay options. The loyalty rewards for regular players are also worthwhile. William Hill provides a clean interface where you can play poker, all while enjoying the softer spots of the game.